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Conditions and rates

Compri Solar has organized its transport on route days. In the maps below you will find the routes in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Eilanden en overige bestemmingen zijn op aanvraag.
Free deliveries

Free deliveries are from 850,-
Waybills / delivery specifications are sent by e-mail.
Lifting and crane use

The combinations that drive the routes daily are not equipped with a crane. You should therefore request lifting work on time. You can request this, stating the lifting height and reach. Your request for hoisting and/or crane work must always be received at least 3 working days before the desired execution date. The lifting work is invoiced separately.

Time deliveries

Compri Solar has several truck combinations on the road every day. It is unfortunately not possible to issue a guaranteed delivery time. External factors such as delays during unloading, traffic and the driving hours law mean that time deliveries cannot be guaranteed.
Deliveries between 07:00 and 10:00 are possible in some cases to a limited extent, but are always on request.

Transport outside route days

If, despite the extensive implementation of our route days, you still want to be delivered outside the route, this is on request and the regular transport costs are involved.

Rates Netherlands

Transport costs € 69.00 up to a maximum of 4 bundles / collie
Hourly rate crane truck for lifting work € 90 per hour (on request for availability and planning).

Rates Belgium

Transport costs € 85.00 per (max) 4 bundles / collie.
Transport costs for typesetting on a pallet € 135 per pallet.

Islands and other destinations on request.


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